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Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill


The Bill is now progressing through its third reading in Parliament and a formal consultation will then begin.

Currently there is a draft list of around 5500 acceptable ingredients, and the MOH is still accepting submissions for ingredients not on the draft list to be added and for changes to ingredients already on the list.  The draft list is still not available yet, and will be part of the consultation process.  Should you wish to make a submission to have another ingredient included in the list, please contact us.
A copy of the Natural Products Bill can be downloaded from:



Medicines Amendment Act 2013

The main change for us was the change in the definition of a medical device which makes it more internationally harmonised.  This has permitted products categorised internationally as medical devices to be similarly categorised in New Zealand, particularly devices that are formulated.  Also pregnancy test kits are no longer considered as medicines and can be listed on WAND as in-vitro diagnostics.  Please contact us for further information.
A copy of the Medicines Amendment Act can be downloaded from: